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Accelerate 03:47
Accelerate Chorus Accelerate! Accelerate! There’s no turning back Accelerate! Accelerate! There’s no turning back Accelerate! A! A! Accelerate! There’s no turning back Accelerate! Accelerate! There’s no turning back Verse 1 Living the dream and living it large It only takes one snowflake to start an avalanche Make sure Skeletor ain’t hiding up in your closet Waiting to jump out on your reputation and vomit on it If your mouth’s writing cheques that you can’t deposit It will all come out in the wash nought point nought profit Act now, think later in moronic civilisation They’ll drag the shit out of you like colonic irrigation We’re British, we don’t celebrate innovation, until everyone gets it then they mimic accreditation Shout out to all the radio shows that never backed us They don’t want to give us a voice they want actors Now we’re coming in from all angles like raptors and you lot can go dildo yourselves with a cactus They want the perception of Punk without the real ethos They’d rather a Punk Rock Judas that a Punk Rock Jesus Chorus Verse 2 There’s a catchy beat but there’s no weight to what they say Water music down until thought evaporates The kids have heard of J Hus but they’ve never heard of Akala? That’s blasphemy for me, I’m after smarter, faster, harder! You can come straight to my door. I’ve hands for any heads who want war We will push this until it breaks. I can only do one thing and that’s accelerate Now you can not touch us
Kaboom! 03:46
Kaboom Chorus The media is going boom ba ba boom ba boom kaboom, ba ba ba ba boom ba ba boom ba boom KABOOM! Boom ba ba boom ba boom kaboom, ba ba ba ba boom ba ba boom ba boom KABOOM! Boom ba ba boom ba boom kaboom, ba ba ba ba boom ba ba boom ba boom KABOOM! Boom ba ba boom ba boom kaboom, ba ba ba ba boom ba ba boom ba boom KABOOM! I eye ya, I eye ya, I eye ya, I eye ya, I eye ya, I eye ya, I eye ya, I eye ya, ya ya ya ya ya Verse 1 You’re plugged right into the system you aux and it’s awks when you talk the politics you endorse An immovable object, an unstoppable force an impregnable fortress easy access course Are you the punter or are you the one carrying out the chores? Do you a turn a blind eye to what’s behind the door? Why should I believe the law for? When the law pledge war for the rich man’s sword? Bury the poor, churn out the next war. Demonise the victim then do it some more Rich ventriloquists are moving the middle classes’ jaw. Working class choreography on the shop floor We attack each other to the sound of their applause because their assets are safe if we’re coming for yours The mega rich control the press without you knowing. You’re brainwashed - reprogram! Chorus Verse 2 Everything I ever wrote, everything I ever did - think of it like it’s sarcastically spit Who cares if sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Luckily for me I can also do slapstick I do serious or is this satire? Humour is subjective I can set your arse on fire I’ll do it in a clown suit all in the name of banter. I’ll hit you in your funny bone with a fucking sledge hammer Right, let’s take a look at your back - it’s an area that people either want to watch or stab? Whatever’s behind you is there for a reason, Guy Fawkes’ rebellion was another man’s treason Either way, a lot of corruption ended that day. Maybe someone needed to sacrifice their self for change Are you bad or good? Either way, your C.V’s glowing because you wrote it. All the while... Chorus Verse 3 I can see what you’re doing and I don’t like it one bit My eye sight’s real good, I can watch an atom split. Your origami army are obsessed with making it, but I was never cut out for this cardboard fame shit You’re just another wanker try’na clamber out the wanker pit. A penis spanker a sperm banker who’s try’na look legit You make minor moves quick, major moves take time innit? I make every second count every tock every tick Every slip, every blip I recycle into hits. Hits that hardly anyone’s heard but you’re in the click I’ve tapped in the underground, now we’re in sync and I’ll make it all count every drop every drip
Our Time 04:05
Our Time Chorus You woke up in our time You woke up in our day You woke up in our game Now it’s too late You woke up in our time You woke up in our day You woke up in our game Now it’s too late Verse 1 Are you scared of the working classes? Well we’re coming for your blood clot arses Think we don’t matter? You’re a target. We’re bigger than you think, like a tardis See right through you like varnish. So focused I never felt such calmness All it takes is one voice to start this, let’s voice the voiceless, let’s arm the harmless Don’t demonise the riot. Tabloid papers? No, never buy it. Constant injustice breeds violence Royal wedding? Oh my life it’s distraction, bullshit distraction, bullshit, bullshit, distraction! Oh I’m a communist because I believe in distributing wealth evenly? Chorus Verse 2 What’s good mate? What’s gwaaning? Silence? Oh...charming! I’m no beg friend I’m just friendly. You don’t like me? Well, that won’t end me I know karma will avenge me, my dear Watson that’s elementary KABOOM! When I enter the room, it’s not terrorism I’m just big on the tune I do what I want to do and when I wanna do it. If I don’t wanna play then I’m gonna go truant Wanna build a snowman? Snowwoman even? Where’s the snowflakes at when you need them? Sex, drugs, sausage rolls vegan. So much hype for what you’ve never eaten Alright?! So much hype for nada, can someone come get their father? Chorus Verse 3 Paid our dues, built our crowd. Now our name comes out your mouth ‘Blame Culture’ reflects off of your face, whilst you’re snorting lines off our CD case Coming down on you like six tonnes of bricks. From a brick shit house built out in the sticks You didn’t see it coming but it came and blew up in your face like the wind and the rain It was a bad day but it went my way. The universe works in mysterious ways Karma’s a bitch and she ain’t done yet. The girl’s gunna murder you bit by bit but that don’t mean shit Until that coin flips. It weren’t Mrs. White in the hall with the lead pipe. It was me that night on stage with a mic
Body Bag Your Scene Chorus Body bag! Body bag! We done already body bagged, body bagged your scene Body bagged! Body bagged! We done already body bagged, body bagged your scene Body bag! Body bag! We done already body bagged, body bagged your scene Body bag! Body bag! We done already body bagged, body body bagged your scene Verse 1 I’ll fucking bury you. Yeah man, I’ll bury you too I’m gonna bury everybody, body bag in the boot Juggernaut coming through your body better move There’s 206 bones in the body to bruise Chavs barging in all suited and booted. We’ve pissed all over Punk what’s the next genre to ruin? I’m a liability filled with hostility, weaving in and out of this man made tapestry and I know I’ve only got myself to blame You know I live it, like, love it but I hate it the same. Ride or die is so hard to maintain, when Punk becomes Pop it becomes a masquerade Punk bands getting government grants whilst on a major label. Oh well, what’s the major label bringing to the table? Hmmm, something smells a bit rotten and it ain’t Johnny, fetch the bag for the scene and I’ll go get the bodies! Chorus Verse 2 Whether you’re digging our sound or you’re digging us out, after our sets done we’re the ones you’re talking about We do this for the love, there’s no profit after. It goes studio, crowd funder to your ghetto blaster That’s why D.I.Y bands disappear faster than the funds to Louise Distras’s fucking Kickstarter Labels don’t listen to demos, don’t send ’em. They don’t listen to the owner ‘Jesus Christ, Fenton!’ If you generate heat then that will cement them creeping up on you like a fart out of your rectum Body bag your scene, die whilst smiling. If the deal ain’t right then I am not signing A man can make a mistake, that don’t define him. How much do you suck up? How much are you whining? How much are you fading? How much are you shining? I don’t run on air anymore I’m running on lightning!
Black, White & Grey Chorus Black white and grey, they’re the same just different shades They’re the opposite ends of a stain They’re example’s a man made grade They ain’t even colours anyway They ain’t even colours anyway They ain’t even colours anyway They ain’t even colours anyway They ain’t even colours anyway Verse 1 My body’s a temple - come and prey, come and prey. Carve me up, then come and baithe. Instant gratification pay and display Your lovely assets are under my nose like everyday but what do we do now? After everything we’ve done? History’s heroes were once rebel scum We’re so dumb. There’re dumbing us down without a qualm. I can’t stop staring at the black mirror inside my palm Back out, thumb, thumb, thumb, fucking thumb They got my prints, my deets are up in the system. I always thought I deserve facial recognition but not like this, this is practically a prison! 22% charged I better go and charge it. My ego runs on likes I better go and enlarge it I wanna see colours but the ads are in the way and they’re just black white, they’re just black white, they’re just... Chorus Verse 2 They say we’re black, they say we’re white they say we’re yellow They say it’s Black or white they say that it’s a grey area. Fuck your colour chart. I won’t measure up. If I do - pigments will fly as the sky erupts Oink! Oink! Irony, the pigs attacking Lush. Social media smear to sucker the hush In the ends, the kids still roll with skengs. Whilst a giant orange baby flies above the Thames The daisy chain, the daisy, daisy, daisy chain. Leave or remain. The media inside your brain. I’m a flame let it rain, let it rain. Put me out I need to be cleansed again Here I am! Here I, Here I Here I am! Sell me your scam. Every single fucking gram. Straight up the hooter, gone! It’s gone away and they’re just black white, they’re just blank white, they’re just black white and grey
In The Dark We Dwell Pre-chorus She sat in her diamond throne whilst claiming poverty He was from the wrong side of the tracks she said, “boy that don’t bother me Coz you got it all and I can tell...and in the darkness is where you dwell.” Chorus In the dark you dwell! Verse 1 She had a face like thunder and the thighs to match Now the weight’s dropping off her and she’s so detached She’s got a love affair with speed, he’s on smack I guess they’re right, yeah opposites do attract He’s far from a hero, she’s far from a heroin Pick a poison, pick a needle, pick a vein and put the venom in She pictures his buzz as the opposite of adrenalin He dabbles in darkness that she has never been in You carry me more than I carry you He sold his guitars and fishing rods for tackle He took 30p for each DVD lugging them home was more hassle Than it was worth, than what they’re worth, when there’s no worth then everything’s cursed She waited for him on a single dirty mattress He knocked on the window, she let him in because that was their practice He dumped his jacket on the floor, barely looked at the cradle, removed his hat, closed the curtains then chucked the wrap on the table She said I wanna feel like you do for just one day. He burnt the foil she sucked the biro and drifted away... She sank in the murky lake whilst craving clarity Now she’s got tracks all up and down her arms and he’s like, “girl that don’t bother me Because you got it all and I can tell and now we’re shadows. In the dark we dwell!”
Sell Out 03:12
Sell Out Verse 1 Let the towns crumble Let them old buildings just decay You won’t see them ever again but you got photos, so that’s okay Let the pubs close down Let the new builds take their place I can’t believe you let the man wash the youth right off your face They don’t want artists They don’t want a place where we can think Because thinking leads to thoughts of revolution and that’s where their ship sinks The thing about art is we move with all classes and that makes us class less, and that’s far from harmless Chorus You fucking sell out You’re such a sell out You fucking sell out I can’t believe you sold out, you sell out You sell out You’re such a sell out You fucking sell out I can’t believe you sold out Verse 2 What about you now? The working mens clubs are shutting down Where’s your old man gonna go, when your old dear kicks him out? For the last time, your favourite venues shut its doors It took Paul McCartney to save The 100 Club ,who’s gonna come save yours? Where’s the Jolly Sailor? I want another all dayer I want another weekender but all I see is property and pretenders Hey big spenders, before your cash agendas passion burnt like embers Chorus Bridge Goodbye
Millwall Brick, Glasgow Kiss Chorus Like when a Millwall Brick meets a Glasgow Kiss. Like when a Glasgow Kiss, meets a Millwall Brick Like when a Millwall Brick meets a Glasgow Kiss. Like when a Glasgow Kiss, meets a Millwall Brick Verse 1 They slander you and you keep coming back You pander to their perpetual attack You slam the views that you’ve got and they lack I guess the eyes in the back of your head have got your back You already know Like what you gonna give to a weapon that has already blown? Another bullet? Bro, get to stepping, feeling’s already gone You wanna do it? Give it a second. The seeds already down. Let them come now They’re gonna fall down! Like step in to the pit at your own risk You already know, you fall down you get picked up, you get pulled down you’re not alone There’s a safe space round here, it’s called the back and sides. Collide like trains or not, decide Chorus Verse 2 Step off the tube at Camden - there’s a sea of CDs, in the palms of the hands of 20 road men M.C’s I don’t want to buy your mixtape, I’m walking...Jeez!. Which one of youse dropped the best album of 2019? ‘It wasne me’. Well it was fucking one a yis! Disgusting! Thanks for confronting us, but on a serious note The longer the note, the more dread You’re making me walk faster than I normally tread I can’t knock them hustling, I can’t knock the hustle You might think them man crazy, but them man ain’t nuts at all They’ll eat you alive, Hannibal cannibal…”keep the change ya filthy animal!” This ain’t made for the faint-hearted, this ain’t made for the snakes, mate You can’t wipe the slate clean if the slate’s caked in hate, mate I’m a Silverback on steroids, twice the size of Grape Ape and I’ll beat on my chest until the earth shake
Sex 03:47
SEX Chorus Sex - you love it don’t ya? Sex - you’re such a slut Sex - why do you bleed? When you ain’t been cut? Sex - you ain’t had it have ya? Sex - you ain’t no man Sex - it’s a one way street and you’ve got it in hand Verse 1 Be what you want, be any colour of the prism No not that one, that one ain’t for picking Yolo. Eat a bag a dicks in the name of feminism Become a porn star - it’s your body you live in But you’re selling sex to men, that ain’t part of someone’s vision Misandry’s cat is misogyny’s kitten Boys ogle girls, it’s sad - that’s a given But that chain reacts, making cash out of the smitten You’re mad if you want someone else’s body hidden Like it’s not their vessel to show off, it’s your decision? Lap dancing is filth? Fine, if that’s your position But if dream boys is just a bit of naughty fun for women, then you’re part of the hypocrisy wheel that’s a’spinning If your beliefs are locked, then that’s your prison Don’t make your prison my prison, I’m living My mind can be changed with the facts that I am given Chorus Verse 2 The normalisation of sexual exploitation is an amalgamation of profit, lust and masturbation Man has capitalised on your rotten perversions. It’s a filth that won’t be washed with softener or detergents Whatever you want instantly, there’s no hope. In just a few clicks you can see tits, dicks or both Whatever is your bag you slag, it’s your call. Brown hair, green eyes? Babe you can have it all Long gone are those days of actively outing yourself as some trench coat perv reaching for the top shelf Long gone are illegal cigarettes, kids vape. Long gone are those days and long gone are those mates Your mates finding dirty magazines in the woods, just to stare. At least we found the porno mags and not the blokes who left them there! The world’s a scary place full of sick people. Forget Calpol, euthanasia for real evil As a good man, it’s hard to just sit on the fence when lacy underwear is used as a lawyers defence Sex is consent you can’t just take, what lingerie persuaded the fucking rapist to rape? Ladies and gentlemen, this is what our system is: more time in jail for money laundering then molesting kids The old times need to go. Take their last breath. There’s only one thing that sells better than sex and that’s death.
Cut Your Teeth Chorus Cut your teeth! At bare minimum The writing’s all over the wall but you’re illiterate Cut your teeth! You never worked Noise was built with working hands full of dirt Verse 1 And my fingernails are filthy. And my fingernails are filthy. And my fingernails are filthy, but you’ve just had a manicure And I’ve got dirt under my nails. And I’ve got dirt under my nails. And I’ve got dirt under my nails and you’ve just had a manicure Chorus Verse 2 Yeah chew that silver spoon Yeah chew that silver spoon Yeah chew that silver spoon. A man’s gotta eat. And you got it on a plate And you got it on a plate And you got it on a plate. A man’s gotta eat! Chorus Verse 3 Narcissist, me? What a cheek It’s completely natural to marvel at your own physique Trust me, I’ll always try and persuade my cynics Have a broom handle hanging out your arse like it’s Quidditch Acid rains upon you because I’m spitting acidic You’re songs are so dated you wrote them in hieroglyphics Plagiarism is a microwaveable meal done in minutes Cook from scratch, Walter White innit?
For Old Times’ Sake Chorus For old times sake, play the old songs It’s been so long you get the words wrong For old times sake, play the old songs Just remember the words that we wrote after we’re dead and gone Verse 1 I compose a master piece to beats of our exploding serotonin Every emotion played a part in the orchestra of the erosion I’ll give you everything, but I want one thing in return I’ll bring the fire, but you’ve gotta light me up then let me burn Once every combination, every melody, every note has been used You’ll romanticise of lives that you touched when the old times were new If our time’s up and we die tonight by the moon Then I’ll die complete coz I died side by side, next to you Chorus Verse 2 We hold back our tears, nursing these beers we don’t cry We self-medicate, we’re men, we take our own lives 20 years from now in a pub we’ll be writing some wrongs I’ll look you dead in the eye and say play the old songs
D.I.Y. 03:22
DIY Intro Things are not always how they appear Like yeah, I’m here but I’m not here, I’m on another stratosphere Time is fabricated, the sun neither rises nor sets The Sun stays where it is, we’re on the rock that orbits it Perception is everything. I awoke one day and said, “nah, not me. I want to see past the blockade.” Your mind can be your own cage but knowledge is your saviour but I warn you once you start digging it becomes addictive behaviour The ramblings of a mad man can sometimes seem strange but, what’s strange? What he’s saying? Or the perception of what he says? Terrorist attacks, false flags, where’s ‘lucrative’ on the map? The term ‘conspiracy’ was coined to add lunacy to fact Verse 1 We’re like the mob We make hits and nobody wants to talk about it All the Punk kids, they live and witness What the general public seems to miss This is our house, this is our home Keep your boots on in our abode The BBC, they don’t wanna know So, we’ll scream till our larynx explodes Chorus D.I.Y D.I.Y D.I.Y ‘til I die Or D.I.Y D.I.Y D.I.Y ‘til I sign Verse 2 Clara Amfo why don’t you play our songs on the radio? We are the incorruptible, we voice the system don’t want you to show It’s all good, you know. The cult following is growing, simmering down below We were never supposed to be mainstream. So I guess we’re D.I.Y The story goes even after the venues all close. The BBC they don’t wanna run it. So we’ll ram it down all their damn gullets! Chorus Verse 3 I’m an anxious soul, there’s a lot of work that goes into this ensemble I’m Genghis Khan and I’m Casanova. I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a domino And I will fall for your snake eyes, that’s just how I roll I’ll continue to roll with you, you give me sweet F.A but still.... We are just us, we will just be. What’s yours will come eventually How much you made? If you said it, if you said it then you just don’t get it!


released June 28, 2019

Riskee and the Ridicule are:

Scott Picking - Vocals, Lyrics
Jimbo Aglony - Guitars, Screams, Harmonies
Jordan Mann - Lead Guitar, Harmonies
Matt Verrell - Drums, Keyboards, Harmonies, Vocals, Bass (tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10)
David Thomas - Bass (tracks 3, 5, 6, 11, 12)

Gang vocals performed by Riskee and the Ridicule

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hidden Track Studios, Folkestone, Kent in January 2019 by Oz Craggs.

Biggest thank you to anyone and everyone who pledged to make this album a reality, we're dedicating this once again to our amazing fans.
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Grime-Punk pioneers.


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